There is a vale, in a little known part of the world where the roses grow in blue and white hues. A seemingly magical place, where the scent of heavenly roses hangs heavy in the summer breeze. Part of an ancient estate owned by the Fairfax family the landscape of Tincture Vale has been maintained in its original forestry and pastoral uses.

Heavenly indeed, for amidst the towering Oak and Birch trees the now partially ruined abbey resides in peaceful grace, remembering a time when the monks would pray and tend to their rose gardens. The monks are long gone, and the beautiful abbey open to the sky, but the Fairfax family fought hard to maintain the tranquillity and peacefulness of the whole Vale.

The vales history with human habitation dates back beyond Meadowfields Manor and the Fairfax ownership to ancient times, and deep in the woods to the north of the main abbey complex sits a stone circle, once the focus of evolving spirituality. This is the only explanation for how some of the vales other residents have come to be here.  More than earthly horses and humans, it is a refuge for Aksiothos, Drakehest and the rarest of all, its resident Aszran – hailing from worlds away these graceful and elusive sigil-marked “world walkers” are guardians in their own right. 

It is this unparalleled beauty and extraordinary ambiance that over the years has drawn many to seek solace amongst the abbey walls and overgrown rose gardens. Some have stayed only for a little while, whilst others stay and continue to maintain and lovingly care for the grounds.

It is said that in holy places redemption and forgiveness can be found. For the horses both wild and tamed who have found themselves drawn to the vale, it matters not that the abbey was raised to honor one god, or many. For these special few it is simply enough that no matter what path they tread, they have somewhere to call home. Somewhere to be safe. Somewhere that feels like they might once again reconnect with their gods and goddesses.

Others have found their way to this sacred place, humans needing as much solace and peace as the wild animals who populate the surrounding area. A mutual respect is shared between them, and whilst the horses mostly roam freely through the vale as did the original herd bred by the first Lady Fairfax, there are some who have formed special bonds with their human neighbors, enjoying as much or as little contact as they equally desire.


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