The Worlds of Krysa, and the Aszran Breed

The Aszran were first developed during my 2009/2010 NaNoWriMo plots as a unique creature in my worlds of Krysa. The first story takes place in the Kingdom of Inthania, one of several Kingdoms on the planet of Thresos. Calderion, and his Aszran companion Zan’dre remain some of my fondest characters, and their story is still being told.



In the blackness of space on the rim of a wandering galaxy called the Milky Way, travels a beautiful A class white/blue star.  Being particularly of note, this star boasts a wealth of solar objects in its firm gravitational clutches, several of which are planets of various hospitality to the extended human race.

There are a grand total of 13 planetary bodies in this star’s solar system, 5 of which sit in the hallowed goldilocks zone.  These planets might be loosely called “earthlike” in their makeup having things like water, gravity and an atmosphere with an array of continental masses.

From space, some of them even look like blue marbles, each possessing one or more satellite moons.

The dance this solar system performs is as complex as it is beautiful, and at some point in time has been the subject of much debate, both by its current inhabitants, and those who came before. In fact had this solar system been visible from a similar star creatively named Sol, its humans would have been awed by their similarity and beauty.

Each of the five precious life-giving planets are linked, not only by their parent star Krysa but also by humanity and magic.  On the surface of each habitable planet are found relics of those who came before, creatures who shared the knowledge of the pathways and built the sinuous portal towers.

Current civilisation across all the habitable planets could be roughly compared to a late medieval feudal system, with the exception of advances in building techniques and the application of magical abilities.



It must be said at this point that magic, that which is termed magic on these worlds stems entirely from the fundamental lore of life and that which is termed soul, which through generations of habitation by humans and creatures alike has evolved, helped by many believe by the genetic manipulations of those who came before.  This magic, this elemental energy can be used, controlled and stored by many creatures inhabiting this majestic melting pot with the use of sigils most often either tattooed onto their skin, or placed on a focus item.



Aszran are found throughout the worlds of Krysa, and have evolved special traits depending on their planet of origin. Their breed type leans towards a much larger animal than an earth-like horse, but bears many of their cousins physical aspects. They are usually upwards of 18hh tall, broad shouldered well set necks with refined head carriage.

Depending on their planet of origin they can have very thick, but smooth coats, or finer, lighter coats of a broad range of naturally occuring colours. They have a similar grey and cream gene, but Roan and Appaloosa do not exist in the Aszran unless they have crossbred with another breed which is highly unusual due to their bonding.

Along with a range of coat thicknesses, their mane, tail and feathers can also range from fine, to thick, long to short.

First habitable planet – Cosos
  • Cosos is a hot with mostly desert biomes. Deep natural canyons and water reserves providing habitable areas.  2 noticable season changes, hot, and a little bit hotter.
  • Continental mass covering most areas, some surface water in polar regions no significant bodies of water or oceans on the surface but giant underground caverns and subterranean lakes.
  • 1 moon, Cosamos
  • Aszran from this world have great affinity for fire magic and with the use of specific sigils can see in the deepest darkness and can find their way through the most complex of caverns or pathways.

Second habitable planet – Thresos

  • Warm with diverse biomes and some polar ice.  Very short “winter” season.
  • Large continental masses spanning equator with larger bodies of landlocked water and oceans.
  • 1 moon, Thresa
  • Aszran from this world have great affinity for earth magic, swift of hoof and sure footed they are at home amongst the great forests or on the plains.

Third habitable planet – Alqueta

  • Diverse biomes and polar ice, very similar to Thresos.
  • Smaller range of continental masses with more ocean coverage.
  • 2 small moons hardly more than gravity locked meteors Nadri and Nami
  • This planet is not accessible via the portal system and is not currently inhabited that anybody can tell. Great lengths have been taken to try to reconnect with this planet, so far none have succeeded.
  • This is believed to be the home of those who came before, and the source of all genetic material in this system.  Here is the birthplace of all creatures except for humans who were brought by other technological or magical means.
  • There are very few Aszran old enough to remember or have been born on Alqueta, these precious founding mares and stallions have the power of air at their command.

Fourth habitable planet – Belon

  • Large amounts of polar ice and significant oceans with diverse biomes.
  • Continental masses mostly submerged leaving medium to small ranges of islands in interconnected archipelagos and island groups. Array of land bridges appear at low tides.
  • 1 moon Cambrios
  • Aszran from this oceanic world have water affinity, they can locate water no matter where they might be and swim without fear, further with the aid of water and air runes they can go for great lengths of time under water.

Fifth habitable planet – Mirohas

  • Most of the planet is icebound in a permanent winter season.
  • Habitable area across the equator where seasonal changes have effect.
  • Most accessible planet, all portals go via Mirohas
  • 3 moons Merho, Danvr and Talem.
  • Aszran from Mirohas are the strongest of all Aszran and can withstand the fiercest of all elements, they combine abilities of many of the other Aszran and find it easy to use the portal spires for transport between the worlds.
  • It is said that Aszran working together on Mirohas can open portals to other worlds not mapped in any local star system, and more tales of Aszran who have gone, and returned with stories and experiences from worlds beyond any previous experiences. The strongest of the World Walkers tell of worlds populated by other humans and near Aszran.

Aszran Sigils

Aszran are usually not born with Sigils and young Aszran are first marked by a High Guard, and then are given the name “Marked” which begins their journey through their ranks.

Sigils are placed in a variety of locations on an Aszran to better improve their ability to draw upon its power. Over time the Aszran learns to better use the power which can intensify with long use.

When a sigil is placed onto an Aszran it marks both the skin and the hair, permanently changing their colour to that of the sigil.

Location, size and colour of the sigil can all affect its power. Similarly, sigils can fade over time, but will not ever completely disappear unless a rite is performed by an Icon.

  • Common sigils include Stone, Wind, Flame, Rain, Endurance, Fleetfoot, Surefoot, Nightsight, Farseer and Courage.
  • Rare sigils include Wayfarer, Spiritwalker, Heartbound and Soulbound.

Aszran Ranks

There are several ranks in the Aszran hierarchy, and none are hereditary.  They must be worked towards and gained over time.

  • Marked – Any Aszran with Sigils of adult age.
  • High Guard – Aszrans specialising in protecting their lore and magic. They are the ones to normally provide other Aszran with sigils, both on becoming an adult, and for other purposes.
  • Sentinels – bonded with a human guardian using a heartbound sigil.
  • Icons – Portal weavers/gate weavers/world walkers are the strongest of the elder Aszran most proficient in their skill with the Wayfarer, and Spiritwalker sigils.

An Aszran does not have to be bonded to be an Icon – most are not, though some do bond to experience it and then never bond again after their initial guardian passes away – Aszran age far more slowly from their adult years onward.

An Aszran cannot be a High Guard and an Icon at the same time.

High Guards usually do not travel beyond their homeworlds because of the knowledge they share and maintain.

High Guards who are also Sentinels can prolong the life of their guardian with the heartbound sigil, but cannot make them immortal.

Any Aszran can be Soulbound to another Aszran of any rank.



Aszran breed and the Worlds of Krysa info and premise © Elandria 2010