NAME: Audhild / Audie

ID: 20690

BREED:  Drakehest

OWNER: Elandria


PHENOTYPE: Flaxen Red Dun Rabicano Tobiano Snowflake Bifrost Hidden Sabino (Silver Carrier)

GENOTYPE: ee Ata nD nRb SbSb nT nSpl LpLp(snow) ff nZ nBfst

SEDIR: Unknown

CURRENT RANK: Thrall – Confirmed




Audie is a clinger, and will not be separated from the other horses easily. Hacking alone is not an option and riders must be prepared for a 180 degree spin to get back to the others should it be tried.  She does not do this to hurt or injure her riders, she just hates being alone.  It is something the team at the abbey have had to deal with since her arrival. At this point it is completely normal for everyone to always buddy up when excersising Audie.  

She is an excellent match if you need to pony up another horse for light excersise, but she is simply not an option for solo events.  That being said, because she is a clinger she makes a great nursemaid for any weanlings and enjoys most of her time in the main stable yard getting into everyones business and having lots of attention.


Purchased 05/04/2019
20743 Aegir

  • 21066 no further offspring
  • 20942 no further offspring
  • 20922 no further offspring
  • 20859 no further offspring
  • 20839 no further offspring

20765 Quantum

  • 21843 no further offspring
  • 21434 no further offspring
  • 21141 no further offspring
  • 21014 – 22149

20766 CCRs Hav Tidevann

  • 20947 Sympathy for the Devil

20982 BP’s Audino
21025 Sea Fever

  • 21087 – 21087,21205,21170,21154
  • 21082 no further offspring
  • 21080 no further offspring
  • 21052 no further offspring
  • 21038 – 21986