Tincture Abbey Stables by MooreArtByLucy and Elandria

Breeding Rules

We have a very simple set of breeding rules for our horses, but if you have any questions about them, please note either one of us directly on DeviantArt (depending on which horse you are querying)

Tincture Abbey Stables Breeding Rules

All slots by individual agreement, please note or message us directly or refer to our active lists on each horses to see Breeding Slots Available

  • Slot on offspring - if you are using 2 of our Stable horses, TAS only need 1 slot, and sometimes none depending on the breeding.
  • Take back/buy back option - We will insist on this if any foal is abandoned (not drawn for 12 months) or you wish to sell we request that we are given first refusal.
  • Payment options - can include artwork and/or DeviantArt points or PayPal - please see individual slots sales for their payment information.

  • Art Payments - Our "base" level* for art payments is x3 full body with background of ANY of the horses owned by TAS
  • * Art payments are subject to each individual horse, rarity of genos/abilities and in demand horses may have higher fees - please check individual slot payment requirements.

Individually owned horse breeding rules

For individually owned horses please refer to our individual breeding terms