• NAME: Fabio
  • ID: !93
  • BREED: Aksiothos
  • OWNER: Elandria
  • AGE: >5 years 
  • GENDER: Stallion
  • PHENOTYPE: Grey on Argyros Black with Birdcatcher spots
  • GENOTYPE: EE aa nAy GG Cmra
  • ELEMENTAL AFFINITY: Wind (Common), Fire (Common) – applied Keras Essence
  • Converted to Aksiothos 24/08/2018
  • ACTIVITY LOG: here



Fabio, like many of his kind, is deeply traumatised about the things he lost and can not understand why they were all sent so far away.  His bitterness has in the past made him reluctant to form any attachments or stay in any one place for long. Until he found the secluded “Tincture Vale” and abbey ruins.

He couldn’t tell you if asked what made him stay “just a few more days” and he is unlikely to remark upon the sudden appearance of one rather waterlogged and cold mare in a rain storm who told him her name was Melaina.   He won’t ever tell about how she pressed her cold nose against his chest and rekindled his heart.


Purchased 04/04/2014
Fabio has Keras Essense
Fabio has unlocked Fire Affinity
Fabio has +1 breeding slot
AP and Breeding: here
Offspring: Progeny List
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  • #1124 MDS Cybus
  • #1148 Sirin

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