• ID: !1203
  • BREED: Aksiothos
  • OWNER: Elandria
  • AGE:  5 years
  • GENDER: Mare
  • PHENOTYPE: Silver Blue Roan
  • GENOTYPE: Ee aa RR nZ nTne
  • ELEMENTAL AFFINITY: Psychokinetic (Rare)
  • SHAPESHIFTER ABILITY: Reindeer (Cervidae)
  • Converted to Aksiothos 24/08/2018
  • DESIGN: Here

Melaina #1203


Melaina is cheeky, with a tendency towards practical jokes. Shes careful not to go too far though, Fabio can be just as bad and gets his own back when he can. 

Melania and Fabio are paired, in Melaina’s case theres no question of where her affections lie and shes prepared to fight for what she wants. 

Melaina will do anything to get to an asparagus stick, including breaking into pantries if nobody is looking.

Melaina Lineage




Bred 12/02/2014
Converted to Aksiothos 24/08/2018
Earnt her laurels back 25 AP

Dedicated status 40 AP (pending)