Tincture Abbey Stables by Weavingmagic and Elandria


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Galen - Chapter 1

The blackness was streaked with pinhead lights as the wind rushed around him and he spun around and over on himself. Careening out of his control he was losing memory of what was up, down, left, or right.
Faster and faster he fell through the emptiness as the wind screamed past his ears and he forced his eyes closed not because he was afraid of what he saw; he saw nothing but blackness and pinhead lights streaking past, but because the wind hitting his eyes made them sting, dry, and painful.
Hair swirled around and flipped about whipping him in the neck, the side, and his face leaving stinging trails behind. He saw nothing, and could focus on nothing. How he wished he could stop the screaming in his ears. It mimicked the screaming he heard as he fell from his comfy stall watching as his precious Demeter grasp for him but he was just past her reach.
He watched as she faded into the ultimate blackness and his heart retreated similarly into his stomach.