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Fabio - Chapter 1

It was like running at full tilt into a brick wall, and it stripped the air from his lungs. In pain and fear he screamed into the darkness that enveloped him, to his friends, to his goddess, to anybody who might hear who might be able by some miracle to save him. It was to no avail, he fell seemingly forever, his body torn and bruised his mind racing in terror, unable to flee, the utter silence raging in his ears, drowning him in the absence of light and sound.
He thought he was going mad, and laughed at how absurd that might sound to somebody other than himself. He wondered if he was still alive, or in his own body, perhaps the tearing he had felt had been just that and he was now simply a tortured spirit free floating in purgatory.
He cried out again for his beloved goddess Iris, but knew somehow that he was too far from her or she too far from him. He didn't notice at first that he was no longer surrounded by pure darkness, here and there flecks of light appeared and disappeared, more and more of them flickering into life in the distance, ones closer to him sped by whilst other fainter ones lingered. Were they stars?
Perhaps he was only dreaming! He tried to shake himself awake but only succeeded in somehow twisting what must be his own body into a different angle, with the movement came the stark realization that he was himself, and he was falling towards a darkened land. Wind now streamed his mane and tail out around him and sensing a return of his power he enveloped himself in a bubble of air flowing opposite to his fall.

Fabio - Chapter 2

The mare next to him snorted and moved away with the rest of the herd, but Fabio was tired of playing mundane. He stayed where he was on the open pasture and watched them. They didn't look back, and they didn't wait for him to catch them up. They had been polite, but he was not of their kind and they knew it and it made them nervous.
They had never asked where he had come from nor how long he would stay, but it had been months of their time and the lazy summer had turned to autumn. His leg had healed and he was ready to try and find some of his own kind. His heart had settled into a steely anger at what had been done to him that slow burned in his chest.
He turned north away from the retreating group and set off making for the tree line and the hills. He wasn't really sure why he had chosen north, it just seemed easier than skirting around the entire herd. North seemed the way back home.
North called to him like the strongest wind always did, it was cold and hard. Unyeilding. As he thought about it tendrils gusted around him, whipping at his mane and tail and making him snort. He'd spent months pretending to be mundane and it was almost a sweet release to flex his power.

Fabio - Chapter 3

It had been days since Hade's visit, but Fabio could not erase the gods words from his head. Elysium. No Cavitto he knew had ever been there, but Hades had his own herd, and they had suffered no harm from being in hell, had they? Had they too been banished like the Cavitto who called Olympus their home? Too many questions and no answers.
Rustling in the undergrowth alerted him moments before a dog bounced out to yap at his feet. Fabio snarled at the dog, warning it to stay away from him. The dog seemed oblivious to Fabio's unfriendly response and gave up to bounce away, its ears flopping around its head as it went.
If there were dogs around then there would be humans, and that was the last thing Fabio wanted or needed. He set off at a careful trot away from the direction of where the dog had appeared from, half closing his eyes and lowering his face to avoid branches and twigs hitting him. By the time he slowed his pace the dog and its owner was long left behind. Leaving the edge of the woods for a moment Fabio found the landscape quite different from what he had previously seen in this new land.