Tincture Abbey Stables by Weavingmagic and Elandria


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Saffron - Chapter 1

The sun crept through the stone edged glass into the cold room as she breathed slow and calm. Strange shadows crawled across the flagstone floor and gently brushed over her silently caressing her fur. Her eyes twitched in her sleep as her side raised and lowered in a slow steady way and the dust covering the flagstone near her muzzle had retreated from the puffs of air as she exhaled.
An ear twitched waiting for her normal wakeup call from the stable. “Not yet,” she convinced herself. “It’s too early still.” She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and shifted her head so that the shadow creeping up her face and over her cheek was in line to shield her eyes from the sun. Her ear twitched again.
The sun rose higher into the sky as the window belied its presence. The shadow crept higher and she strained her neck up trying to keep her eye in the shade. “NOT YET!” she huffed and then lifted herself to her chest with her legs slightly tucked under her.