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This work of fiction is purely for shits and giggles, however please respect all copyrights and do not redistribute/copy/edit/claim as your own under any circumstances


First Published - 19th Dec 2014
Work In Progress
Lucy Kilhullen - WeavingMagic
Horses Included: Saffron #201

Chapter 1

The sun crept through the stone edged glass into the cold room as she breathed slow and calm. Strange shadows crawled across the flagstone floor and gently brushed over her silently caressing her fur. Her eyes twitched in her sleep as her side raised and lowered in a slow steady way and the dust covering the flagstone near her muzzle had retreated from the puffs of air as she exhaled. An ear twitched waiting for her normal wakeup call from the stable. Not yet, she convinced herself. It's too early still. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and shifted her head so that the shadow creeping up her face and over her cheek was in line to shield her eyes from the sun. Her ear twitched again.

The sun rose higher into the sky as the window belied its presence. The shadow crept higher and she strained her neck up trying to keep her eye in the shade. NOT YET! she huffed and then lifted herself to her chest with her legs slightly tucked under her. One eye fluttered open and she realized she was not in her stall. She was not in her barn. She didn't recognize anything around.

She sniffed cautiously and looked about. Where am I? she thought to herself as she checked out the walls and windows without moving from her spot. She let out a quiet nicker, the same sound that would normally bring joy to Dionysis brought no response. She tried another nicker but it just bounced back to her eerily as it echoed off the stone walls and floors. Oh NO! she thought as she struggled to her feet in a frantic motion against the slick stones. Someone has stolen me from Dionysis. She looked around again trying to gather her wits about her. Every step rang loud in the room and she struggled to move without letting her captor know she was up and about. Where have they taken me?

The massive hall was completely made out of stone with arches and columns scattered about. She walked along one wall watching for any evidence of her captor or others in need but there was nothing. As the wall made a corner at another arch she turned and looked to find an open door to the outside world. Without another thought she bolted and ran for an escape. Hair flew everywhere as her mane and tail strung out behind her as she dashed across the slick floor slipping and stumbling but never losing her footing.

Once she was outside the world was completely different than anything she had ever seen. There was a dense fog, burning off in the morning sun but still hanging low in the grass in the hollows and around the feet of the hills. The grass was a vibrant green, but did not smell of her sweet clover and grain she loved so much at home. She skidded to a stop in the middle of a small clearing and snorted rapidly as she spun around trying to get her bearings and take everything in.

Normally she had an excellent sense of direction, bringing Dionysis home after his long drunken parties and safely delivering him from wherever the revelries got to be too intense. She spun around again rearing up, still not finding anything to point her which way was home. I can't stay here too long or I will be caught again, she thought as she looked to the sun and began running in its direction. I have been everywhere in Olympus, if I run long enough, something will look familiar. She buckled down and used every ounce of energy she had trying to run across the field.