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Melaina - Chapter 1

She stood and watched the darkness fade into shades of milky blue and soft yellows. There was no vibrant glow of sunrise this day. No birds to sing her awake. Melaina sighed and shook out her still growing mane in annoyance with herself.
Today was no different than any other day. Except today she knew when she wandered away from the herd, she would not return come sunset. She had spoken of her discontent to her dam when they had had a few moments together, but Omorfia did not have the desire to wander like Melaina did, and Melaina was not content like her dam to stay in one place, even if it was with a herd of her own kind.
So today, in the milky blue and yellow light of the rising sun she took one last look at the still dozing herd and walked away. There was sorrow in her heart but at the same time she knew this was her path.
There was something she needed more than safety. Omorfia had encouraged her to wait, to grow a little more before she decided, she was after all only a baby, no 2 year old should be out exploring on their own. Yet Melaina had had the dreams for months.

Melaina - Chapter 2

She walked on, heading towards the east. It was no direction in particular, but she liked the warmth of the morning sun on her face and over her back as it rose higher bringing new colour to the world and waking all the myriad creatures that inhabited it. Above her larks and swallows caught insects and in a field somewhere to the south of her she could hear cattle lowing as they moved towards the barns for feeding and milking.
She considered their trust in the humans for a moment as she paused and picked through a patch of clover. They weren't very stupid, but they were easily pleased, and liked the structure of familiar schedules. It was almost against their nature to be anything but what they were, each and every day.
Melaina snorted, ruffling the grass under her nose. She didn't want to be like that. No amount of safety or regular food would deter her from exploring the world around her, as free as one of the larks over her head.

Melaina - Chapter 3

A branch slapped her across the face making her toss her head back and snort in alarm. It immediately tangled in her mane like fingers seeking hidden knots, tugging and pulling. How she hated this unending forest that seemed to stretch onwards always over the horizon. For almost a month Naiyah had moved steadily north and east through moorland and then meadows and fields and now into the depths of ancient woodland. The wind had been as unrelenting as the view; damp, misty with a constant aroma of decay. Now and again she had smelt wood smoke and twice she had run in terror from dogs and the sound of humans hunting the magnificent deer who claimed the forest as their own.
She was sick of being dirty and tired now matter how she tried to keep herself clean. Her legs were covered in scratches and knee deep in mud, her feathers stiff and brittle, not any sort of shape for a cavitto.
She was more than this, better than the longing and deep seated sadness that never seemed to go away. Perhaps it really was just as her mother had predicted, the same longing that took them all, desperately seeking something that was forever beyond their grasp. A way back to what they knew, but for Melaina who had never been in Olympus, never experienced the wonders it was not the same, how could she possibly long for something so passionately that she had no recollection of?

Melaina - Chapter 4

The dawn chorus woke her with the first rays of sunshine peeking through the trees surrounding the ruins. He was already gone and no warmth was left from the fire he had created and for a moment she half believed that she had imagined him until he appeared again at the doorway. His pale mane and muzzle covered in shining drops of water which cascaded off him as he shook his head. They stood there staring at each other awkwardly until once more the bells began to toll down the valley.
"Time to go" He said flickering his ears at the sound.
"The Vale. You will find other Cavitto to assist you." He responded as he turned and lead the way out of the ruins and down a game path towards the valley below. She followed him dubiously at a little distance lest he be aggravated by her being right behind him. Now she was fully dry she itched and longed to be able to groom herself. What a mess she must look trudging along behind him.